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Expressive photography.....seeing the emotional side of wildlife and anything nature!

A Florida native, but knew I should have been born in Colorado the moment I moved here! The textures this state has to offer will often bring peace and serenity by discovering the many beauties and wonders this state has to offer.

For many years I looked at the world through the eye of a lens, finding beauty in all things nature.  However life’s twists and turns sent me in a different path ... raising my granddaughter.  My beautiful, fearless granddaughter who I often tell not to give up on her dreams, ever. 

I decided I should take the advice I was giving, as something kept calling me to share my captures with the rest of the world! My eye draws me to the places not many get to see for themselves, as well as original images in their natural settings.

I will only produce high quality work and use other products of that high standard to print and distribute my work through. So ask yourself, do you want to make a statement? Or a really big statement!

A small proceeds of every print sold will go to an advocate group of Sand Wash Basin.


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